Products and Services

Type and Production Range:

1.  Ball Valve (Trunnion and Floating)

Size Range:

Trunnion Ball Valves:



Floating Ball Valves:



2. Control Valve

A Cage-Ball is a cartridge type trim engineered to reduce flow velocity and turbolence. It is recommended to improve performances at any time, above all where the flow rate can be a challenge for conventional valves, with noise reduction and cavitation control with high rangeability. X-TRIM Cage-Ball control valve design is based on changeable internal cage that divides the pressure drop in stages. Attenuating plates are offset by a special X-TRIM design to obtain a number of significant flow control advantages.



Noise and high frequency vibrations are almost eliminated and torque is significantly reduced. Conventional valve design causes high pressure drop over the valve with potential cavitation or ice formation (hydration); at the same time velocity increases reaching high noice levels, vibration and flow disturbance. Advanced X-TRIM Cage-Ball offset drive the flow paths to self dissipate energy while preserving mechanical integrity of the trim, improving multistage design benefits.

When sand or severe blocking debris accumulate in the cartridge during throttling the self flushing feature becomes effective: flow is drived via several paths without imparing valve body or seats, cleaning is then achieved by the flow itself.

3.  Actuator Valves

Neak Valve can produce a variety of actuator valves including on/off valves in addition to HIPPS and other sophisticated valves as per customers requirements.


After Sales:

  • Repair and maintenance

Neak Valve is proud to be the first valve manufacturer in the region to have a dedicated team to after sales and emergency repair/maintenance.  We can provide A-Z when it comes to repair of any type of valve within our production range.  Moreover, we are able to provide annual (or longer) service contracts for all types of industrial plants. This is very critical for scheduled shut down maintenance and repair of refineries, petrochemical plants, pumping stations, gas sweetening…. Our 24/7 team is available to diagnose the problem, repair the components (including actuators), test and return any faulty valve in an incredibly short time. Being the only manufacturer of control valves in the region, we have a highly professional team to serve the clients with the highest quality of service.

  • Spare Parts:

Having our own stock of different valve components such as balls, seats, seals, actuators…, we can supply our clients with their requirements in the shortest possible time.  We have the experience and ability to supply for major overhaul/upgrade projects such as expansion of refineries and petrochemical plants as well as supplying for routine and scheduled maintenance works.