About NeakValve


 Neak Valve was incorporated in 2016 at iran. The main goal has been to create a one-stop shop for all requirements of valves (ball, gate, globe...) especially control valves within the sectors of oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation and utility. Being the first factory in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to manufacture control valves, this is our niche market alongside special types of valves such as HIPPS for which the demand in the region has been increasing over the past 2 decades. Neak Valve is capable of designing and engineering the most advanced types of Control Valves and Actuator Valves for oil, gas and petrochemical applications. Our supply chain includes both local as well as international companies. Moreover, our work force includes local and international experts.



MENA region has a substantial impact on the global energy market especially oil and gas sector. Being home to some of the richest countries in terms of hydrocarbon reservoir and more than 40% of the global oil, gas and petrochemical products being shipped through the region, it has been one of the main markets for manufacturers of petroleum equipment, onshore to offshore, upstream to downstream, small and big. Therefore, Neak Valve shareholders have decided to serve the region with its first control valve factory/service center.



Factory: Located in Shams Abad, Neak Valve is strategically located 50 minutes drive from Tehran, capital city of Iran, 10 minutes from IKIA airport and with immediate access to the national and international roads and railway networks.  Having more than 5,000sqmtr of covered area dedicated to the production, testing and storage facility in addition to 3,000sqmtr of open air storage yard, Neak Valve is the first of its kind and with the expansion plan before 2020, Neak Valve will be one of the biggest Control Valve manufacturer in the Middle East region.